Spring Into Smoothies

It’s springtime and time to start changing up your smoothie recipes. We’ve put together 10 delicious smoothie and smoothie bowl recipes to help inspire you to get blending this spring! Of course all of our smoothie recipes contain frozen cranberries.. Because at this point why aren’t you adding frozen cranberries into your daily diet? They’re so healthy and add a nice flavor balance to your smoothie. You can grab a bag (or a few) at your local grocery retailer. So let’s get started!


Cranberry Glaze Smoothie

If you're on social media (specifically Tik Tok and Instagram) you've likely come across the Hailey Bieber Strawberry Glaze Smoothie from Erewhon Market (a $17 smoothie! WHAT?). It went viral pretty quickly and influencers and consumers alike ran to purchase ingredients to make it themselves at home. One creator specifically got inventive and made a version of the smoothie with our frozen cranberries! Alissa of @MagnoliaAlissa made our cranberry dreams come true with this delicious creamy smoothie. Scroll down to find the recipe and let us know what you think! Will this smoothie be your new go to?


Cranberry & Blackberry Oat Shake

Have you ever thought to add oats into your smoothie? It definitely adds a delicious flavor but it also makes the smoothie a little more filling too. This smoothie was made by Maria Diez of @miafoodlove and we love it!


Cranberry Orange Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls make a great breakfast, mid day snack or lunch! The trick is to keep the smoothie mixture THICK so your toppings don’t sink to the bottom of your bowl. This particular recipe by Caitlin Shoemakers of @FromMyBowl is a classic flavor combination, cranberry and orange. With only 3 ingredients for the smoothie mixture it will be an easy one to remember. Give it a try and let us know what you think! 


Blueberry Blend Smoothie Bowl

Another bowl to get you in the spring smoothie spirit. This smoothie bowl uses our Blueberry Blend full of antioxidants and fiber. Did you know cranberries and blueberries are two out of only three native fruits to North America? The Concord Grape is the third! It’s no wonder why cranberries have been dubbed “America’s Original Superfruit” with their healthy attributes and American history. 



Power Berry Superfood Smoothie

Power up your spring smoothie game with a Power Berry Superfood Smoothie by Stacy of @withlovestacy_! We love the dollop of yogurt on top for a creamy finish. This recipe calls for chia seeds and flax seeds - do you already use these healthy seeds in your smoothies? Let us know what you think. 


Cranberry Protein Smoothie

Protein is key to staying full that’s why we love adding protein to our smoothies. Smoothies are also an easy way to load up on fruits and veggies that you may not make the time to consume throughout the day. Try this Cranberry Protein smoothie out by Rachel Bailey of @RoutinelyRachel and share with us on social media! @CapeCodSelect - we love seeing your recipes and may even feature you on our page!


Mango Berry Smoothie Bowl

Another smoothie bowl by Caitlin Shoemaker of @FromMyBowl and this one is sure to get you feeling springy! The mango and banana paired with Power Berry Blend is so good. This could even be a great mixture for a frozen cocktail! (If you try it, let us know!) Remember to keep the mixture thick so only add a little liquid at a time and your toppings will stay afloat. 


Power Berry Smoothie Bowl

Our Power Berry Blend is our top selling smoothie blend and for good reason! Loaded with tasty and healthy berries that blend deliciously together for smoothies but also baking too! Have you tried our Power Berry Crisp yet? Easy and delicious, but we digress. This smoothie bowl is one of our favorite smoothie bowl recipes. Look at those toppings! Give it a try and let us know what you think. 

Cranberry Blueberry Collagen Smoothie

Collagen is all of the rage now in the supplement world. Do you use collagen in your daily routine? You can add it to water, tea, or coffee but we prefer adding it into our smoothies! As we’ve mentioned smoothies are a great way to add in fruits, veggies, and supplements into your diet with very little effort. Load up on superfruit cranberries and collagen with this delectable smoothie. Recipe by Caroline of @Wellness.Balanced.


Green Cranberry Smoothie

Green smoothies are the epitome of health if you put the right stuff in them! We’ve put our favorite greens with our frozen cranberries to blend a good-for-you smoothie you can feel great about adding to your spring smoothie recipe rotation. How do you feel about greens? Love them? Eh - eat them because you know they’re good for you? Avoid at all costs? We’re telling you, blend them into a tasty smoothie and you won’t be disappointed. 


Whether you are blending up a smoothie or smoothie bowl, adding your favorite supplements and good for you fruits and veggies will spring you into a healthy and flavorful springtime!