October at Edgewood Bogs and Cape Cod Select is harvest season and we’re moving a mile a minute. From the field crew to the manufacturing plant and the office, every aspect of our operation is buzzing. 

During a “typical” harvest day (although, no day is ever the same) our field crew is in the bogs harvesting. The harvest team is corralling the floating cranberries with a boom that were knocked off the vines earlier that day using the water reel machine. If you see the water reel going, wave to Jose! The crew is wrangling the berries from one end of the bog to the other end where the pump truck is sucking them up into the truck. Once the truck is full it heads over to the manufacturing plant to be washed and packaged! 

The manufacturing crew is working day and night to keep up with the harvesting crew and getting product cleaned and packaged and to the freezer. The cranberries go through a thorough cleaning and sorting process to ensure only the best cranberries end up in your bag. In fact, the technology we use is state of the art and we were the first to use this machinery in the industry. (Fun Fact: Our facility runs on solar power!) We harvest over 5 million pounds of cranberries each harvest season (about 6-7 weeks time) so you can imagine how busy we are. 

Our office team is lining up the trucks, keeping track of orders, both for grocery stores and wholesale/bulk customers, assembling gift boxes, keeping track of employee schedules, making sure all paperwork is done, paying the bills, creating and executing marketing campaigns, and so much more! Everyone wears many hats to accomplish all of this. It’s pretty remarkable what happens here in October.

Make sure to grab a bag of frozen Cape Cod Select Cranberries on your next grocery store visit! Available in grocery retailers nationwide including our newest stores, Publix, Whole Foods National, and select Walmart stores. Visit our store locator to find a store near you!