2023 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! The magic of the holiday season is wonderful but it can also be stressful too; especially for the “designated shopper” of the household! We have unique gifts for everyone on your list including the hardest people to buy for, your in-laws, neighbors, family across the country, your BFF, or a gift for the “yankee swap”. Order 4 or more gifts and receive 10% off automatically! As always, gifts ship free nationwide! Include a free gift message too! Keep scrolling for our top gifts. 

Brand new for the 2023 lineup, The Farm Made Recipe Box! This box is great for those who love to cook! Make your very own cranberry sauce or cranberry chutney with items from the box. This is a great hostess gift for the Thanksgiving host! The box includes 2 lbs of fresh cranberries, Farm Made recipe cookbook (includes 75 recipes from farms across the US, including ours!), two jars for canning, measuring cup set, “Cran-Appetit '' Spoon, 8 oz local honey (Franklin Honey Co.), pumpkin pie spice, and dark chocolate covered cranberries (for a tasty treat while you're cooking!). Who does this gift remind you of?

One of our top selling gift boxes, The Cranberry Breakfast Box makes such a great gift especially for families. What better way to create holiday memories than in the kitchen making delicious cinnamon apple cranberry pancakes (recipe card included) while chocolate cranberry coffee is brewing? In addition to 2 lbs of fresh cranberries, apple cinnamon pancake mix, Cape Cod chocolate cranberry coffee, the box also includes organic maple syrup, and a whisk. Every year since 2018 this box has been a top gift choice.

A tried and true of Cape Cod Select’s, the ever so popular wooden crate filled with 3 lbs of premium fresh cranberries and recipe card for one of our delicious cranberry recipes! Our Decoratie Wooden Keepsake Box is the "OG" gift box. Designed to emulate the old cranberry crates of the past with a stylish look and functionality of today. Once you’ve used the fresh cranberries up you have a beautiful wooden box to display in your home. Keep recipe cards in it, store small trinkets, or whatever else you want to hide away! This crate makes for a nice gift or a treat for yourself. 

The Cranberry Comfort Box is a wonderful gift for anyone but especially for a tea lover or a couple. The box includes 2 lbs fresh cranberries, recipe card for our famous cranberry squares, two mugs, cranberry tea, 8 oz local honey (Franklin Honey Co.), two cranberry pistachio biscotti, and chocolate covered cranberries. Talk about a cozy gift! 

If you’re looking for a budget friendly gift option, The Cranberry Pantry Mix Pack is a great choice. Gift includes a 10 oz jar of cranberry chutney and a 10 oz jar of cranberry mustard and ships in an adorable 2pk box. This would also be a unique “yankee swap” gift too! Like all of our gifts, they ship free nationwide! 


Want to upgrade the mix pack? Choose The Cranberry Pantry Variety Pack. Our specialty wooden cranberry crate is filled with kraft crinkle paper and includes a 10 oz jar of cranberry chutney with a mini wooden spoon and a 10 oz jar of cranberry mustard with a mini wooden spreader along with recipe cards. The crate makes a great keepsake for the home and the sauces a delicious addition to any charcuterie board or sandwich. 

Another top seller, The Cranberry Charcuterie Box. A fabulous gift for those who like to host a group or for those who want to stay home with a delicious spread all to themselves. The box includes 2 lbs of fresh cranberries, your choice of “Home” or “Blessed” wooden board, cranberry cheddar cheese, salami, 10 oz jar cranberry chutney with mini spoon, crackers, and dark chocolate covered cranberries. A little savory and a little sweet to round out the perfect charcuterie spread. Gift box also includes a recipe card for brie with cranberry chutney.  

If you’re looking for something to check off the “sweet and salty” box look no further than The Cranberry Snack Box. This gift will make a crowd happy. Think families or those who like to get the crew together for the big game. There is something for everyone in this box. Gift includes 2 lbs fresh cranberries, 10 oz jar cranberry mustard with mini spreader, pretzels for dipping, two teriyaki meat sticks, hickory smoked almonds, cranberry walnut crunch popcorn, dark chocolate covered cranberries and a recipe card for “air fryer salmon with cranberry mustard” to show other ways to use the cranberry mustard! Who are you sending this box to?

Can’t decide between the charcuterie box and the snack box? You don’t have to! Introducing The Ultimate Grazing Box. This box is loaded with everything you need for the ultimate spread! Box includes wooden board (your choice of “Home” or “Blessed”), 10 oz jar cranberry chutney, 10 oz jar cranberry mustard, pretzels for dipping, two teriyaki meat sticks, salami, cranberry cheddar cheese, 8 oz local honey (Franklin Honey Co.), crackers, hickory smoked almonds, cranberry walnut crunch popcorn, dark chocolate covered cranberries, two cranberry pistachio biscotti, and recipe cards. Pretty ultimate, right?

Want to send delicious Cranberry Chutney or Cranberry Mustard to someone? Select between two packs, four packs, or mix and match. Cranberry chutney is so versatile. Use it as a spread or dip, pour over warm brie, yogurt, or ice cream, spread onto a sandwich, mix in with cream cheese, or of course pair with pork or poultry. The possibilities are endless. The cranberry mustard is also a versatile condiment. We love to use it on sandwiches, dip pretzels in, use as  a marinade for salmon or pork, or even make your own vinaigrette. (mix a little cranberry mustard with oil, vinegar, honey, salt and pepper, yum!). Budget friendly and ships right to their door! Add a gift message too!

Lastly, The Cran-Morning Box! This box is available year round and includes two mugs, your choice of Cape Cod chocolate cranberry coffee or cranberry tea, 10 oz jar of cranberry chutney, apple cinnamon pancake mix, organic maple syrup and recipe card for cranberry apple cinnamon pancakes. 

No matter who is on your list there is sure to be a gift box that is perfect for them! 


What are you waiting for? Get shopping! Gift boxes containing fresh cranberries are limited and only available while supplies last. Don't forget, order 4 or more gifts and get 10% off automatically!


Happy Holidays!