A Very Cranberry Cinco de Mayo

You likely don’t automatically think of cranberries when someone mentions Cinco de Mayo or Mexican food but we’re here to tell you they can co-exist! Cranberries are truly so versatile and can be incorporated into so many different dishes and cocktails including Mexican inspired ones. Take a look at these 7 unique cranberry recipes for a delicious Cinco de Mayo. 

Cranberry Margarita

You can’t go wrong with kicking off your Cinco de Mayo with a Cranberry Margarita! Follow this recipe by Rebecka of At Home With Rebecka and make 1, 2 or a whole pitcher! She even includes a fun recipe for “Drunken Cranberry Skewers” for a garnish!

Cranberry Chipotle Chicken Tacos

If you have an Instant Pot this recipe is for you! The burst of cranberries in these tacos is just what you need to balance the smoky chipotle flavor. The slaw is tasty on the tacos or on its own. Recipe and photos by Kristi of Farmstead Chic.

Cranberry Queso Blanco Salsa

This is one of our all time favorite recipes on our website! We have to warn you, you can’t just have one bite, you will go back for more! The flavors just go so well together and on a salty tortilla chip it’s just the perfect refreshing salsa. Promise us you will give this recipe a try?

Recipe by Rebecka of At Home with Rebecka.


Cranberry Blood Orange Cadillac Margarita

Another margarita? You betcha! This recipe is by Caren of The Fit Habit blog and is dang good! Start off making your very own cranberry blood orange juice allowing you to control how sweet or tart you want your cocktail base to be. Add tequila, grand marnier, lime juice and ice and shake it up for a delicious margarita worthy of your Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

Cranberry Orange Salsa

Grab a bag of tortilla chips and frozen cranberries while you are grocery shopping. You’re going to want to make this fresh salsa recipe for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Recipe by Jessica of Paleo Scaleo. Pairs great with a Cranberry Margarita!

Cranberry Mexican Street Corn

Now we know all of these recipes are creative and unique but this one may just take the cake! Mexican Street Corn has seen a boost in popularity in the last few years. Food trucks and restaurants have incorporated them into their menus and everyone has their own version that makes theirs “the best”. We’d like to throw this recipe into the ring for the most creative street corn recipe thanks to Rebecka of At Home with Rebecka. What do you think? Give it a try and let us know!

Cranberry-Maple Glazed Shrimp Tacos

Love shrimp tacos? This recipe is like no other shrimp taco you’ve ever had and your Cinco de Mayo needs them! Seriously, go grab some frozen cranberries and shrimp asap and get cooking. You won’t regret it! This recipe was adapted from Amy’s recipe on Gourmet Everyday Blog. (Amy’s recipe adds scallops to the tacos too … which you can easily do too!)

Are you blown away at all of these creative cranberry recipes? You may not end up making every single one of these recipes for Cinco de Mayo but save this post and come back to it for inspiration for a tasty Taco Tuesday night! Have a safe and fun Cinco de Mayo!