Bake Happy with Stir.Taste.Smile

One of our favorite bakers, Amanda Seamans of Stir.Bake.Smile continuously crushes the cranberry baking game. We’re highlighting the many cranberry recipes Amanda has created for us over the years so you can bake happy throughout the year like a pro! 

Cranberry Pop-Tarts

Here’s a recipe for the kids and the inner-kid in you! Cranberry Pop-Tarts are quite simple to make and really make for a fun treat. These can be made for any occasion by changing the sprinkles to match your theme. Red and green sprinkles for Christmas, pink and red for Valentine’s, green and gold for St. Patrick’s Day, pink and blue for a baby shower etc. What event will you make these for? Reel.


Cranberry Strawberry Almond Tart

Now this recipe is a little more sophisticated than pop-tarts so maybe not make this recipe for your son's baseball team and save it for Easter, girls brunch, or Mother’s Day. It is beautiful and really makes an impression and did we mention it is delicious? Will you try it? Here’s the recipe video here, it seems a lot less intimidating once you watch it!


No-Bake White Chocolate Cheesecake with a Cranberry Raspberry Swirl

You had us at no-bake and oreo…and cranberry raspberry swirl. Wow this recipe is everything you want in a dessert. The oreo crust gives a nice chocolatey crunch and the cranberry raspberry swirl not only gives the dessert a gorgeous color but a bright tangy flavor. Now don’t look at this recipe and run away, watch the recipe video and see that anyone can make it!

Cranberry Goat Cheese Yeasted Cofee Cake

Look like a baking professional when you bring this gorgeous braided coffee cake to your next event. Flaky dough, cranberry filling, tasty icing this recipe has got it going on. Pairs great with coffee or tea! Give the recipe video a watch to help give you the visual you need to crush this recipe.


Cranberry Thumbprint Cookies

These are the perfect holiday cookies! Bright red cranberry jam, soft chewy cookie and dusted with powdered sugar - thumbprint cookies bring you back to Christmas past in all the best ways. Make a batch for a cookie swap, a holiday party, and don’t forget Santa! (Not to say you can’t make these cookies year round of course! But we know certain recipes are just quintessential Christmas goodies! Recipe video

We hope you make at least one of these tasty cranberry recipes by Amanda. 

We love them all and know you will too! 

Happy baking!