Why Frozen?

Why Frozen?

Because…… Frozen is the new fresh! Back in 2009, you couldn’t find a whole fresh cranberry outside of the fall and early wintertime. So Cindy, founder of Cape Cod Select, decided to do it herself. She had always questioned why you could find most every fruit in the freezer aisle, from papaya to mango to dragonfruit, yet never cranberries, America’s Original Superfruit©!  With this question driving her, and a plentiful supply of cranberries … Cindy created the frozen cranberry market. 

Cape Cod Select Frozen Cranberries are harvested and frozen at the peak of freshness locking in nutrients. From the bog into the bag is all done on our farm. 

Our cranberries are pre-washed so they’re recipe-ready.  You can easily cook and bake with them. They’re great in smoothies too.

This versatile berry is loaded with antioxidants. Did we mention cranberries are America’s Original Superfruit? Another great feature is our bag is re-sealable so your cranberries stay fresh while in your freezer. Our frozen cranberries are available all year long for all of your healthy recipes!

Do you need more reasons to use frozen fruit vs fresh?  In addition to retaining their nutrients, there is less waste.. No more cleaning out the fridge on trash day tossing out moldy fruit! Our products can keep in the freezer for up to two years, although we hope you use them more frequently than that! 

Are you seeing the benefits of frozen cranberries and fruits?

Grab a bag in the freezer aisle today!