About Us

Welcome to our blog!

We started a blog because we wanted a space where we can share with you in more detail who we really are! Here you will learn about us, our family, our cranberry bogs, our favorite recipes, cranberry health benefits, and more. We’re really excited to start sharing our story with you. 

Who are we?

We always have a hard time putting who we are into words because we are more than just one thing. So I guess the best way to start is by going back to the beginning. 

Back in the 1930’s, our family had a lumber company called Sharon Box and Lumber. As the land was cleared to get the lumber for making wooden boxes our family found wild cranberries growing… well this sparked the formation of Edgewood Bogs in the 1940’s… and to this day the Rhodes Family have owned, and operated it. Matthew and Cindy Rhodes purchased the bogs from a cousin in 2005. Together with their three sons, who are the fourth generation to work these bogs, they have created a successful independent cranberry company. 

Over 200 acres of cranberry bogs and 800 acres of supporting land in Carver, Massachusetts makeup Edgewood Bogs’ property. With that growing power comes great responsibility… our land is precious, not only to us but the wildlife around us too. We take pride in being a sustainable farm. We run our processing plant on solar energy and have an integrated pest management system, as well as an efficient irrigation system. We could (and probably will) write an entire blog post on all of this, but we’ll keep this one brief.. Our cranberries are grown to Global G.A.P standards which means we go the extra mile to ensure we grow a safe product and go above and beyond the standards of the U.S. 

But, how do we get the cranberries from the bog to consumers?

Great question, thanks for asking!

In 2009, Cape Cod Select was formed to be the brand and retail face of Edgewood Bogs cranberries. It was always a burning question in Owner, Cindy Rhodes mind… 

WHY CAN’T I GET CRANBERRIES ALL YEAR ROUND? You can get strawberries, blueberries, raspberries year round, why not all natural cranberries? This question lead to the formation of the frozen cranberry category. Cindy went door to door to local grocery stores with her frozen cranberries to introduce the new product. After a few difficult and hard working years, Cape Cod Select became the #1 selling frozen cranberry in the U.S! (Neilson Data) In 2014, the brand launched frozen mixed fruit blends to add variety to the frozen cranberry line. This line was created to compete with other mixed fruit companies in the smoothie market. 

Smoothies are the easiest way to add whole frozen cranberries to your diet and you definitely want to add cranberries into your diet. They are loaded with antioxidants and are a great source of vitamin C and Fiber.. There have been many studies conducted to link cranberries and health… again another blog post on that in the future! 

In 2019, Cape Cod Select upgraded their packaging to add even more focus on smoothies and showing consumer’s who they are. A family photo and story are now featured on the back of each package along with two recipes for each product. “We’re looking to connect with consumers and show them that we are real people, this is our story, these are our quality products, and here are a couple ways to use them.” 


Even though we are the #1 selling frozen cranberry in the U.S. there is a lot of room to grow and we’re looking forward to reaching more consumers.  

So did you follow all of that?

Simply put, we are Edgewood Bogs and Cape Cod Select and our goal is to grow cranberries in a safe and sustainable way so we can provide consumers healthy whole frozen cranberries all year round.